RISE Leadership Workshop
Binghamton Students- Register here for the RISE Workshop presented by the Lee Barta Community Center. 
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What is the RISE Workshop all about?

This workshop is for students to learn about leadership skills while discovering and developing their own personal leadership style. The four modules are as follows:
Realizing your true potential (Self Awareness)
Investigate how others think (Empathy)
Develop Leadership Skills (Growth and Feedback)
Empowering others (Building Teams)
The cost for this workshop is $100. This class is set up into four sessions but can be altered into one full-day or two half-day workshops. We have many options for this workshop, including groups or individuals and in-person or virtual.  Upon completion of the course, Unleashed Potential will issue a RISE Leadership micro-credential badge, which can be included on their resume and college applications. 

What will each student learn from the four sections of RISE?

R: Realizing your true potential - Using proven self-awareness tools, students will gain greater insight to their personalities, strengths, and interests. They can use those insights to make themselves more successful students, employees, and effective leaders.
I: Investigate how others think - Understanding the connection between self awareness and emotional intelligence will bridge the gap in understanding empathy. Students will be exposed to current information on brain research being done and will develop and strengthen their understanding of empathy and how to connect with others.
S: Develop leadership skills - Communication and feedback techniques will help students with the understanding of their personal growth and leadership styles. We will explore how to develop these skills authentically and how to continue to grow after the class has completed.
E: Empower others - Through experiences and examples students will discuss and breakdown what makes successful, highly productive teams. We will outline these touch-points and learn how to develop them to fit into the experiences they will encounter in the future. 

Who is running this workshop?

The RISE Workshop is sponsored by Unleashed Potential Consulting and administered by Erin Peterson, Director of Education Services and Ron Crawford, Director of Consulting.
Erin has been a teacher for over 27 years.  Her background and passions are teaching the younger generations and curriculum development.  Erin has seen the consequences of the Covid lockdown, social media, and decreased involvement in outdoor activities first hand and the impact on how young people understand themselves and empathize with others.  She believes that exposing kids to leadership concepts at a young age will help them become more confident individuals and better leaders in all aspects of their lives: in athletics, student government, and eventually in the workforce. 
Ron has 15+ years of experience running a leadership development program.  He focuses on practical knowledge and direct applicability of the key tenets of empathy, integrity, inclusion, and building trust.  Ron brings a passion and energy to his presentations and mentoring, and has a broad portfolio of expertise including core leadership principles, ethics and integrity, and generational diversity and inclusion.

Who is Unleashed Potential?

Unleashed Potential is a leadership development company that focuses empathy, integrity, and trust.  We believe that understanding yourself and others on a deeper level and working to use each person's strengths will create a successful individual, team and/or company.  Unleashed Potential focuses on a service-based leadership model that is not emphasized in many companies today.
 We primarily focus on individuals that are in the workforce with our other offerings, but we recognize that there is a large gap in opportunities for leadership development opportunities for young people.  Currently, Erin and Ron are mentoring early career individuals in Broome County and are adjunct professors in the Engineering Leadership Program at Penn State. They also recently presented to students entering their Senior year of high school at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) at SUNY Oneonta. 

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