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Leadership Development is a Life Long Journey
Leaders today are facing unique and difficult challenges that many are ill-prepared to deal with. In a climate of rapidly changing workforce demographics, social/political divisiveness, and a global pandemic, leaders need resources to not just adapt to and survive new realities, but to grow and thrive. We help leaders develop the empathetic and service oriented leadership style that builds the trust and teamwork critical for organizations to successfully navigate these challenging times.
These are the foundations for starting and evolving your leadership journey, and unleashing your personal and professional potential
No one gets better on their own! Connect with 33 years of professional knowledge to help you grow to be a better leader.
The rapid transition of the US workforce from predominantly Baby Boomer to Millennial causes unprecedented leadership challenges!
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"Whenever a person embraces the beginning of the journey to become a leader, it is usually a confusing and uncertain time. What are my responsibilities? How will I be measured? What skills do I need to develop? These are all typical questions people ask themselves when faced with this leadership journey. But these questions are the wrong place to start..."

Unleashed Potential with Brian Sirgany and Team at Sirgany Eyecare 

"The Unleashed Potential group prepared a very insightful and practical approach and methodology to evaluate our individual personalities and made each of us "look in the mirror" so we can best communicate and understand our coworkers ... Ron is certainly full of knowledge on the development of individuals with the goal of making the most of our time in the office and in our relationships outside of the office. "
Brian Sirgany, Head Optometrist and Owner of Sirgany Eyecare

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