Starting Over, Starting Up

Written by Ron Crawford on January 7th, 2021

Welcome to the new Unleashed Potential Blog! As we launch into our new venture, I figured this was a good place to start with the Why we are doing this. I feel like so much of the focus of personal and leadership development tends to center around what and how, but all of that really starts with why we want to do those things. Whenever you are starting something new – be it something as large as launching a new company, or as simple as putting together a new team for a short term task – understanding what you are going to do, and planning how you are going to do it, are certainly important. Understanding these elements is crucial to actually accomplishing what needs to be done. But what’s critical to successfully building sustained performance and effective teams is an understanding of the why you are doing those things. Focusing on what builds efficiency, but focusing on why creates momentum. 

We at Unleashed Potential have spent a lot of time focusing on our personal “whys”. One of our favorite leadership experts, Simon Sinek, focuses on this very effectively with his book, “Start with Why”, and his “Find Your Why” workshops. We have used Simon’s approach to allow each of us to create a statement of our “Why” with some clarity and context. I won’t go into detail here on each of our whys, but you can find some insight to these on our “Meet Our Team” page, as well as our individual LinkedIn pages. What is apparent for each of us on the team is that one thing is a constant – our “Why” is to help people grow, improve, and prosper. Whether it’s as a leader, an employee, a partner, a parent, a student, a friend, or an acquaintance - there are core principles that can help us be more satisfied, more effective, and ultimately more successful in all aspects of our lives. As we move forward with this endeavor, we will talk a lot about all the core elements of our approach: practicing empathy, building trust, communicating clearly and effectively, being inclusive, and serving others. All of that will be heavily focused on what to do, but ultimately it’s the why you do it that really matters. As we start up this new venture of Unleashed Potential, each of us at the same time is at different points of starting over – of rediscovering our personal “why”, and realigning our efforts.

As I write this in January of 2021, we certainly face challenging and uncertain times. In the midst of a global pandemic, social and political unrest, and cultural divisiveness it seems difficult to think about how this all gets ‘fixed’. We are also in the midst of tremendous demographic transition here in the United States, as we shift from a workforce predominantly Baby Boomer, to overwhelmingly Millennial, at an unprecedented pace. All these factors contribute to a monumental level of uncertainty, and maybe even fear. But, what we do know—which is really what we have always known throughout human history— is that the future will be different from the current or the past. At Unleashed Potential we truly believe that there is great potential is applying fundamental values and priorities to respond to new challenges. We will talk a lot about those core values of service, empathy, trust, etc. and how you can apply them to help realize your “Why”. If your personal goal is to find tools and methods to get rich, be in control, tell others what to do, etc., then this is probably not the Blog for you. If your goal is to be trusted, respected, and influential in helping others “unleash” their potential, come back and visit us regularly.


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