12 Areas of Professional/Leadership Development

The Unleashed Potential Consulting™ Leadership Development Framework (LDF) focuses on 12 primary areas of development and personal growth to maximize individual leadership skill and effectiveness. Each area is integral to the development and refinement of the others, which means the process of leadership development is an on-going process – a life-long journey vs. an overnight transition. The Unleashed Potential LDF emphasizes:

Self Awareness

Before we can lead others, we need to lead ourselves, and we can't do that without first truly understanding ourselves. 

Ethics & Integrity

A leader without integrity and a sense of ethics is a cancer in organizations, and does not have the respect and trust of those they lead. 

Inclusiveness & Diversity

Ensuring inclusion of people with diverse personalities, perspectives, cultural backgrounds, and experiences has been proven to improve the effectiveness and impact of teams. 

Building Trust

Trust is the paramount principle of leadership – without a trusting environment the leader or the team can never reach full potential and effectiveness.


Great leaders take the time and effort to truly understand those in their charge, and customize their leadership to accommodate those understandings.


The single most prominent attribute of some of the greatest leaders is their dedication to service to others. 

Organizational & Cultural Alignment

A leader in any organization, regardless of its size, needs to ensure that their leadership priorities and intentions are aligned to those of the organization in which they lead.

Story Telling/Vision Casting

Great leaders align people to a vision, and a vision that can’t be effectively conveyed will never have followers.

Active Listening

Leaders need to develop the ability to listen actively, and to listen to understand. 

Difficult Conversations

Sometimes leadership requires having difficult conversations, and leaders that are not prepared for those moments can sometimes cause irreparable damage.

Feedback & Performance Assessment

Providing effective, meaningful, and impactful feedback is one of the easiest ways for leaders to gain credibility and trust. 

Coaching & Mentoring

Focusing on effectively mentoring and coaching people, vs. directing and instructing them, gives them the autonomy to develop themselves. 

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